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Free Radon Testing Project

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Donations and volunteer expert services have made it possible for us to offer Free advanced radon measurements* to individuals, their family or friends who want to know what their radon exposure is at home and what can be done about it.

Because some people find current radon measurement technologies challenging to use and difficult to interpret, our project provides a new easier radon measuring method in addition to more conventional methods. We also hope that your participation may spark some interest and awareness of radon exposure and lung cancer risk in your community. If you want to participate please send an email or call stating your wish to participate:(CRRR) Radon Testing Study
Email: Info@Citizens4RadonReduction.org or
National Office Phone:  (618) 830 4660/(412) 961-1980

  • *State laws or regulations requiring special approval of detectors, licenses and/or fees even for free distribution of radon detectors to home owners do not allow us to enroll participants from New Jersey, Florida and Maine.  Sorry that, at this time, our budget will not allow participants in Alaska or Hawaii.
  • Study is conducted by: Daniels PhD Physics, Professor Emeritus at St. John’s University, active in radon research & outreach more that 30 years.
  • Members of Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction are typically individuals interested in awareness, education, and action to prevent radioactive radon exposure.

Thanks for your participation in helping us to save lives and make a difference through radon reduction advocacy.