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Activities in 2014

January 12-15–Home Inspectors Conference–Booth-Nashville
January 31–Radon Advocacy Day-Nashville on Capitol Steps
February 12–Radon Advocacy Day-Indianapolis on Capitol Steps
February 27–National Radon Advocacy Day–Washington DC
March 1–Health Fair- Holy Trinity St. Stephens–Caseyville, IL
April 3–Region 8 Radon Conference –Booth-Denver
April 25-26–MidWEST AARST meeting-Booth-Chicago, IL
April 30–Radon Awareness–Memorial Hospital, O’Fallon, IL
May 1–Participation in RHAMC-Lung Health Advocacy Day-Springfield, IL
May 14–Radon Awareness Morrison Talbot Library, Waterloo, IL
May 17–Radon Advocacy–Joining UALC in Hindsdale, NY
May 28-30– Healthy Homes Conference–Booth Nashville
June 1–NEAAARST Meeting, Portsmouth, NH
June 20–Rotary Club presentation, Jerseyville, IL
July 30–Appreciation Plaque presented to Sen Jeff Woodburn, Littleton, NH
August 22–Minnesota Radon Stakeholders Meeting Booth-Presentation
September 3–Wyoming Radon Training Meeting Presentation -Casper
September 3-4 Governors Housing Summit–Nashville–Booth
September 28-Oct 1–International Radon Symposium, Charleston–Booth
October 8–Radon Awareness Morrison Talbot Library, Waterloo, IL
October 17–TN Cancer Coalition Meeting–Nashville–Booth-Presentation
October-18–UALC Hank Thompson Trek or Treat 5K Lung Cancer Run-booth–TN
November–National Lung Cancer Awareness Month
November 11–The National Assoc. of the Remodeling Industry-Greater St. Louis Chapter
November 15-19–American Public Health Conference-Booth- New Orleans