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Activities in 2015

January–National Radon Action Month
January 6-8, –Inspection World Conference-Philadelphia, PA
January 31-National Radon Leadership Meeting-DC
January 31,–Gateway to Smart Living Health Expo 2015, St. Charles, MO
February21–Health Fair at Univ. St. Louis Arena basketball game–booth
February 28–St. Stephens Health Fair- Caseyville, IL-booth
March 3,–Region 7 Radon Stakeholders’ Meeting Kansas City, MO-booth
March 24,–EPA Region 6 Stakeholders meeting Lubbock, TX–booth
March 25–Holy Trinity K of C presentation, Fairview Hghts, IL
March 27-28–MWAARST & Region 5 Stakeholder’s Meeting-Indianapolis–booth
April 1-2-Region 8 Stakeholders Meeting Denver, Colorado–booth
April 16–Belleville Health Sports Center, Belleville, IL presentation
April 18–Lung Cancer Connection Walk, St. Louis, MO–booth
April 19–International Code Council Hearings, Memphis, TN
April 24-25–MWAARST Spring Conference–Chicago-Tinley Park, IL–booth
April 28-29–Lung Cancer Action Network meeting–Sacramento, CA
June 1–Rotary Club-Fairview Heights, IL–presentation
June 4–TN Cancer Coalition Summit, Nashville, TN–booth
June 5–Lungivity Hope Summit, Nashville, TN–booth
June 15-16–New England AARST conference, Portsmouth NH–booth
July 15-Rotary Club–Belleville, IL, Presentation
Aug 3-6-National Conference of State Legislators-participant in Radon Leaders Saving Lives Booth-Seattle, WA
Sept 9-St. Clair Rotary Club-Belleville, IL-presentation
Sept 20-24-International Radon Symposium–Minneapolis, MN-booth
Oct 29–Healthy Homes & Childcare Conference-Indianapolis–presentation
Oct 31-Nov 4–American Public Health Assoc Conference, Chicago–booth
Nov 23-National Lung Cancer Awareness Month- Interview with KSDK St. Louis
Nov- Release of National Radon Action Plan to LungCan
Dec 3-5-National Radon Leadership Meeting -DC