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The Radon Awareness Act Results

The IL Radon Awareness Act

In Illinois, radon testing at the point of sale has increased from 8% to 55% since the enactment of the IL Radon Awareness Act in January 2008.

The IL Act requires sellers to provide buyers with:  disclosure of known elevated radon levels in the home; a state-developed pamphlet on radon testing and a general warning statement recommending radon testing prior to all home purchases.  If the information is not disclosed to a buyer before his offer, the landlord must mitigate the hazard, disclose the hazard to the buyer, and allow the buyer to amend his offer.

The Minnesota Radon Awareness Act

The number of Minnesota families taking action to reduce levels of cancer causing radon gas in their homes has more than doubled in the two years since the new state law took effect in 2014.  Health officials say the increase means fewer families will experience lung cancer and other negative health impacts of radon exposure in the years ahead.

This law requires that more detailed information be provided to buyers about radon during Minnesota home sales.  According to data collected by Minnesota Department of Health, most of the additional radon mitigation work in homes since enactment of the law occurred as part of real estate transactions.  There were 3,392 homes mitigated for radon during the first nine months of 2015.  For the same period in 2014, 2,389 home were mitigated.  In comparison, 1.491 homes had radon mitigation work in 2013 and 1,067 homes had the mitigation work in 2012.