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Your organization has the opportunity to work with youth who aspire to reach their full potential and improve their lives and communities by building radon skills and resources. Through the Premier Youth Ambassadors for Radon Reduction (PYA) program, young people pursue radon education to prepare for future careers, and growth in their communities as radon leaders – building brighter futures for themselves, and their neighborhoods.

Through PYA mentor partners, the program provides opportunities for youth to build the skill sets and mindsets that will lead to lifelong radon and lung cancer learning, livelihood, and leadership.

Young adults ages 15 and up who are interested in the perils of radon gas and its lung cancer affects can participate to obtain additional training and employment opportunities. These young people are in greatest need of our support, and they are our greatest source of untapped potential.


More benefit info:  https://joom.ag/l3Rd


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Brian Yang


Health Advocate,

Sociology Student, Communicator

Describes radon exposure as a

model to illustrate the responsibility

we have to one another to

address environmental and

other hazards

 November 10, 2023

A look at the impact of radon on health

Brian Yang | TEDxNorthampton Community College (youtube.com)

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