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We serve as a mouthpiece to promote radon testing, mitigation and lung cancer awareness activities.

Our advocacy efforts span events that are happening throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Participation in global events has allowed us to find out what other communities are doing and bring it back to you.

Working with legislators to patients, CR3 has been communicating your needs to a multitude of entities and have informed communities about available radon gas resources and education.



  • CR3 NEWS MAGAZINE:              CR3 News Magazine is a quarterly publication (with a 5th Special Edition), dedicated to the subject of Radon Gas and it's deadly lung cancer affects. Each release is based on five subjects: National Radon Action Month, Black & Women History Months, Medical, Children & Schools and Lung Cancer  Awareness Month.  
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  • THE CLEHR NETWORK:  COLLABORATION on Pathways to Prevention.  A resource for citizens who are looking for information about Lung Cancer, Environmental issues, Health concerns, Radon gas and other contaminants.  

  • NATIONAL RADON SCHOOL CALENDAR:  Illustrated with children's CRCPD radon poster artwork and full of valuable information, this school-year calendar boosts awareness of the risks of radon exposure. Developed for back to school children and children studying from home. Calendar is also on an ordering portal for purchase across the U.S.  

  • PREMIER YOUTH AMBASSADORS for RADON REDUCTION (PYA):  The Premier Youth Ambassadors for Radon Reduction program aims to develop young adults from across the country that have a strong sense of civic responsibility and a commitment to their communities regarding radon gas testing, mitigation, and education. 


Sponsored by Radon Environmental, as a national public awareness campaign promoting home-owner radon testing through pet health.  


Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction Inc.

618 Evansville Ave. Waterloo, IL 62298

618-830-4660 |  info@Citizens4RadonReduction.org

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