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Tell us your story in the BLOG of how radon and lung cancer impacted your lives.  Many survivors and homeowners have said that telling someone else what happened was "key" to their taking action. 

The oncologist said, “radon is a known cause of lung cancer” when my husband, Joe, was diagnosed with lung cancer. A radon test revealed we had been living with over 4 times the EPA action level of this demon for 18 years and didn’t know it. We, like millions of others, didn’t know that radon exposure could cause lung cancer; and we didn’t know this silent killer was living with us. Test your home for radioactive radon gas; and if the level is high, get it fixed, and become an advocate for radon reduction. You will be taking a preventive and proactive action in helping to protect those that you love.

High levels of radioactive radon gas can be in any type of home, old, new, brick, frame, basement, crawl space or slab on grade—that the only way to know if elevated levels exists is to test—that it can be reduced with a certified or licensed professional. Because of Joe’s life and death, laws have been passed which are helping to save lives in my state–the Illinois Radon Awareness Act.

We are an organization like no other. Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction (CR3) is the leading "grassroots" nonprofit committed to strengthening communities by empowering young people, health care, schools, organizations, and legislators about the dangers of living and breathing high levels of radon gas and its lung cancer affects. We work with various entities to inspire action in and across communities.

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12% of each sale will be donated to support CR3 radon advocacy, saving more lives from the dangers of radon.

Citizens for Radioactive Radon Reduction Inc.

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